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Running from her grief, interior designer Ava Stewart makes a hasty decision to join a missionary group heading to Uganda. She’s in the country only a few days before tragedy strikes and a mistaken identity leaves her with an uncertain outcome.

Special Operator Blake Martin is assigned to a humanitarian mission when he’s captured by a group of armed men. Wounded and miles away from his team, Blake’s brought to Ava, and she’s ordered to care for him.

Thrown together in chaos, with the threat of danger pressing in from all sides, Ava and Blake are forced to rely on each other—and God—to escape. An undeniable bond is formed during their flight to safety, but opening their hearts to love carries its own risk. A risk they aren’t sure they’re willing to take.

Now, miles apart and living separate lives, they need to decide if the connection they shared in the untamed wilds of Uganda is strong enough to confront the future. A future where Ava’s fragile heart and Blake’s hazardous job collide, and only God knows the outcome.